Wearing White after Labor Day? Who Cares?

We all get that wearing white after Labor Day is forbidden, right?

Well, not so fast. The dictum that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day has been around for a while, and if I had more time, I would tell you how and why this rhetoric came into effect.

Like many other fashion rules, the reasoning for not wearing white after Labor Day has somewhat faded, and from personal experience, those who choose to go against the grain are no longer heavily criticized. In fact, some view us as trendsetters.

There are however, some rules you must follow if you’re going to wear white after Labor Day.

1.     Focus more on winter clothing in cream and off-white colors: The Labor Day rule was actually meant more for summer-type clothing than the actual color of the fabric, so please let’s put away all summer attire. If you’re going to wear white, it has to at least be season appropriate. Here are some examples:

a.     Wear white pants with classic neutrals. Like a grey sweater. Add a brown coat to take it up a notch.

b.     A cashmere sweater in shades of white and grey is very trendy.

c.      An ivory colored sweater or cardigan is a great alternative if you need something warm over a button up shirt.

d.     You can’t go wrong with a fall flannel shirt, white denim and brown boots. (Brown oxfords for guys)  

2.     Be weather aware: Oklahoma fluctuates on timing of the arrival of inclement fall weather. One of the biggest reasons why it’s unacceptable to wear white in the fall is because you don’t want to be caught wearing white when it’s wet outside or when conditions are just right for everyone to see all the stains in a white dress that are usually difficult to see in the summer.

3.     Do it in moderation: Just because it’s okay to do it doesn’t mean it becomes a daily occurrence. Less is more in this situation, but do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Some fashion rules were meant to be broken.