Religion or Faith? The Choice is Yours

I used to work hard because I wanted to be recognized for my accomplishments and be rewarded with a higher-paying position. Now, I've changed my mentality to focus on working hard because of the love I have for my job and the organization. Out of loyalty, I work hard to make the Hospital better, and as it grows and prospers, I will get rewarded.

My former mentality was like a person who hopes that good works or religion will be rewarded by God someday. Such people count on their good deeds to get them into heaven. 

My new mentality is a picture of those who have faith in God to get them into heaven. Such people do good works out of gratitude and love for Him. 

Someone with religion may believe in God, attend church, say prayers, show kindness, and be seen as a good person. Those people also have many good qualities, but religion is not a substitute for faith in Jesus Christ. 

People with faith put their trust in Jesus for forgiveness of sin. They have assurance of entrance into heaven and seek to become more like Jesus each day.

The only way to the Father in heaven is through faith in Jesus (John 14:6). We are saved not by what we do but by trusting what Christ has done.