Inexplicable Love

Have you loved someone so unconditionally you try to explain it to someone and end up making no sense? Have you felt so loved you start to wonder what ulterior motives the person has for loving you so much? Do you know someone who forgives others so easily and it drives you crazy why they give undeserving people so many chances?

I can answer, “YES” to all those questions, and I’m sure some of you can as well. I’ve seen many people try and fail many times to explain what true love really means. Even I have tried to decipher how people including myself can love so unconditionally.

I know for a fact I used not to be like this. Love? What’s that? I thought that was just for wimps—people who couldn’t stand on their own two feet. People who didn’t know how to be independent. But that’s far from the truth. Anyone who tells you love is overrated or love isn’t for everyone hasn’t felt truly loved before. The truth is—true unconditional love is infectious.

I was reading my Bible a few nights ago and it finally made sense to me why people can and should love unconditionally. God says in 1 John 4:19 that “We love because He first loved us.”

Let that sink in for a second. The reason why we can love others is because God first loved us. When we talk about God’s love for us, we are talking about unconditional love. The kind of love where you die on a cross for the sins others committed. The kind of love that forgives over and over and over again. The kind of love that has not fine prints. That’s what true love is. It’s truly unconditional.

So stop trying to figure out what ulterior motives someone has for loving you so unconditionally. The truth is, if the person has a relationship with God, their life will be an example of what God expects from His people. That includes loving others like Christ loves us. SURPRISSSEEE!

In the same vain, someone who doesn’t have the right relationship with God can make you feel loved, but I can guarantee their love will come with conditions. They will fail you easily and often. They will make you believe there’s no love left in this world. Unconditional love begins with you. Love unconditionally, and love will find you. Share that Christ-like love, and that Christ-like love will find you. It starts with you.

I’m also not saying that all relationships with someone who loves you unconditionally will work. Sometimes they’re just not the person God has for you. And when things don’t work out, don’t be bitter, just stay positive, continue to love unconditionally and God will bring the right person. Once you shut down and start closing your heart, it will be difficult to find that true agape love.

So in conclusion, here what I really want this blog post to say:

There are people out there who love unconditionally, love others even when they feel wronged, forgive easily and so on. It’s not weird. Those people are not pushovers, there’s a difference. They’re actually living the life Christ intends for us to live. Our first purpose on earth is to be loved by God and to love others the same way.

When we love unconditionally, forgive easily and love everyone, those people who experience that love begin to love others the same way. True love is contagious. Before I met Kristina, I didn’t have as much love in my heart as I do now. She loved me and still loves me so unconditionally that I started to wonder what her motives were. The truth is, Kristina knows how much God loves her and treats others with that same kind of love. That’s one of the reasons why I love her so much. I’ve stopped questioning why she loves people who I feel don’t deserve her love. Instead, I’m beginning to pick up on those qualities and learning to forgive easily and loving those who have wronged me.

If you’re wondering if someone’s love for you is genuine, look at his or her relationship with God. It will give you a pretty good indication if they are for real or just looking to gain something from you.

Don’t be bitter if you’ve been hurt. Open your heart, love others unconditionally and focus on God. He will bring you someone who will love you so unconditionally, it will blow your mind. It will make you thank God for those who broke your heart because you didn’t meet their “expectations.”

Next time you try to explain that real love, just say this: “He or she loves me so much because God first loved them.” Or, “I love him or her so much because God first loved me.”

Let’s be an example to the rest of the world. Let’s love all people like Christ loves us. Share this post if you agree.