Health in Progress

This won’t be written very well, but I wanted to update everyone on what’s been going on this past week.

I had a Sickle Cell crisis June 1. Like 90% of my Sickle Cell episodes, I thought I could control it with my usual home treatment prescribed by my doctor. With this episode, however, nothing seemed like it was working. It was clear that checking myself into the hospital was inevitable. But I didn’t want to miss work and my insurance doesn’t kick in until July1.

I held up until Friday with no hospital check-ins, just home treatment. Around 4 pm on Friday, I was sitting at work when my lower back started tensing up. It felt like a bad case of Sickle Cell pain unfolding. Once work was over, I called my dad because Kristina was in class. With the help of friends, I eventually made it to the OU Medical ER that night where I was admitted and have been since June 5.

I’ve received hundreds of phone calls, thousands of texts and plenty of visits. I can’t physically respond or have a convo with everyone contacting me, so I’m hoping this short piece will do that.

I felt my best last Thursday, but my hope was cut short. The sickle cell pain is gone, but I caught an infection that has been affecting my temperature. However, I’m hoping to leave this week. It really sucks, but the love I’ve felt this last week has been unbelievable.

I can’t end without saying how grateful I am for Kristina, my family, LBs and the team at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. You guys are unbelievable, I love each one of you to the moon and back, I don’t know where to start…the prayers, the visits, encouragement, amazing goodie bag, the cards… it’s incredible. I love you all so much; the hardest part about this whole thing is the fact that I can’t be at work with you guys.

I worship a truly Mighty God, and I know that this is just another test to eventually add to my many testimonies. I am already healed! Amen.